Nobody ever drowned in sweat, sort of

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Marathon, Triathlon
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I remember reading that line many times in various places. It makes perfect sense, but it needs some clarification. You may not actually drown in sweat, but too much sweat can sure make it hard to run.

That’s especially true in Atlanta in August. Lately, any run I have done longer than 8 miles has been made more difficult by the simple fact that my shoes turn into sponges due to the amount of sweating that occurs in the 90 degree temps this time of year.

I love my Asics Gel Nimbus 11s by they don’t love the ATL heat! Asics Sponge Nimbus 11s might be a better name at this point.

I have been looking into getting some new shoes and have heard great things about the new K-Swiss K-Ona triathlon shoes. A friend of mine has them and LOVES them. The biggest key to the shoes popularity among the triathlon crowd are the ingenious drainage holes.

I never thought “drainage” would be a selling factor for running shoes. Then I tried to run 14 miles in 95 degree heat. I made it to the 12.6 mile mark an simply couldn’t continue due to the soggy condition of my shoes!

I’m very hesitant to switch shoes, especially after running injury free for the past 10 months, but I really think I have little choice at this point.


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