The day has arrived…

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Marathon

After about 4 months of training, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning, I will run my first-ever marathon in NYC. There is so much to say about this experience. Simply training for it has been a wild journey… I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

I’m sure I will have a LOT more to say tomorrow (or in the coming days), but there are a few people who deserve a heartfelt thanks…

First and foremost, my wife of 12 years for putting up with me and my selfishness as I set out on this personal journey. You have allowed me to pursue a crazy goal that I had. For that, and many other reasons, I love you.

Secondly, my wonderful two kids — Kyle and Alicia — for everything that they are and will continue to grow to be. Challenge yourselves, don’t ever settle for second best, and never give up. I’m proud of you guys!

Third, my dad, who sacrificed a lot to allow me to chase my athletic dreams as a kid without EVER putting an ounce of pressure on me. Your example is one I can only hope to emulate as my own children grow.

And lastly, my mom, who just got out of the hospital yesterday in Maine after yet ANOTHER scare… You have shown your kids and family that you are the real fighter among us.

For better or worse, 26.2 here I come.

  1. nwuk says:

    I was lucky enough to run the NYC Marathon last year. It is an amazing experience. I am excited for you! Good luck and it sounds as if you have been training hard and will see the benefits of this tomorrow. Seriously, you are going to love every mile (well maybe not the Queensboro bridge, but every other mile!). Have a great run!

  2. barbie. says:

    Good luck tomorrow. You are so ready for it and the adrenaline will get you through all the doubts and fears. Have a great time, enjoy it, and I cannot wait to hear the race report! Remember, start slow! =)

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