Deep Tissue Massages REALLY hurt!

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Marathon
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So, I finally got around to getting a massage on my aching calf muscles and shins. Holy crap that hurt!

I planned my visit to Georgia Sports Massage so that I would have time to fully recover from the massage in time to race in the inaugural Atlanta 13.1 half marathon on Sunday morning.

A deep tissue massage is in NO WAY meant to be confused with a standard leg massage. Basically, I was told that between a 1-10 on the pain scale, they are aiming for a 7.

My masseuse, Ashley Stevenson, achieved her goal. On several occasions I found myself having to bite my lower lip to keep myself from  screaming. She spent 15 minutes on each leg trying to work the knots out of my posterior tibial tendons and calf muscles.

There’s “bad” pain and “good” pain. This was the good kind. I could really feel her breaking up the scar tissue that had built up in my tendons.

When I left her office (after paying $55 for 30 minutes – insurance doesn’t cover it. Darn!), I was in a bit more pain than when I first arrived. But as the day wore on, the pain slowly started to subside. I plan to test it out with a short run tomorrow morning, depending on how I feel when I wake up.

This will give me a full 48 hrs before Sunday’s race. Hopefully, all goes well.


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