Is it a stress fracture?

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Marathon
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Lately, I have begun to wonder about the pain I continue to have in my left leg. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the pain was not in my calf, as I had originally thought. My calf is fine. There is no tightness or soreness in the muscle.  I’m also pretty sure it’s not shin splints. I’ve had them before. This is a different type of pain. What could it be?

On Twitter, I “Follow” a @Runningnews and there’s a link to a woman’s blog a read called Frayedlaces. Runningnews posted some links to entries from frayedlaces recently and while flipping through her blog, I came across a section in which she writes about a stress fracture. She fractured her pelvis. Yeow! I know my pelvis is fine, but it got me to read more about stress fractures…what causes them and how do you know if you have one?


This article told me everything I am afraid to know. It points out EXACTLY where I am feeling the pain.  After reading this, I realized that I can’t keep ignoring it and need to get it checked out. My leg isn’t gettting any worse, but it certainly isn’t getting any better.

This article also has me worried.

So, I quickly searched for some podiatrists in the Atlanta area specializing in sports medicine. I didn’t want to go to my family doctor and waste time having her tell me to go see a podiatry specialist.  A quick search for “Atlanta Foot Leg Injury”  brought me to the Atlanta Foot and Ankle Center.

I call, find out that they accept my insurance, and make an appointment for Monday. I will see Dr. Perry Julien. The name sounds familiar to me, so I do some quick research and find out that he is the foot doctor for the Atlanta Thrashers NHL team. I see the guy ALL the time in the hallways of the arena on game days. What a bonus. He also was the co-medical director for the Peachtree Road Race and coordinated all podiatry care during the ’96 Atlanta Olympics. Sounds like I’m going to see the right guy, at least.

But now I’m stressing about my possible stress fracture. Argh! Typically, stress fractures take 6-8 weeks to heal. The NYC Marathon is in 73 days…

In the meantime, the pain isn’t so bad that it has kept me from running. I did 5 miles yesterday and 4 miles today. My leg hurts when I begin running, but while I’m in the middle of the run it’s not too bad. Hmmm… what to do, what to do?

I have nothing on my running schedule for Friday, but I have 12 miles planned for Saturday.  At this point, I am going to go ahead with it.  This might be a foolish mistake, but without any specific diagnosis, I am going to continue my training.

Then, I may or may not  skip the 4 miles I am scheduled to do on Sunday, depending upon how I feel after Saturday’s run.

I am dreading Monday’s doctor visit… I sure hope it isn’t anything too serious. To put it mildly, if it is a stress fracture, that would REALLY suck.

  1. Ray Reilly says:

    My legs were bothering me the last time I thought about doing a marathon. It was my calf-first I thought calf, then achilles tendinitis, then thought it was result of shin splints.
    More recently (after the 5 mile race I did followed by running 5 miles the next day) my shins were throbbing. I definitely thought I had stess fracture but my new program (run monday/thursday with long run on sat) seems better on my legs.
    Might want to try these…

  2. MOM says:

    hope it is not what you think it is love mom

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