Two Days Off

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Marathon

Ok. It’s official. My legs need a rest.

I decided to skip my scheduled 4-mile run on Thursday to allow my legs two days of rest before Saturday’s 15-miler. I have just been bothered too much by this nagging pain in my left calf. I figured that I better rest it now rather than push it too far and throw my schedule way off.

Hopefully the decision pays off.

To prepare for Saturday’s run, I mapped out a route along three lakes nearby. calhounThe route was actually part of the Twin Cities Marathon, which is dubbed the most beautiful urban marathon in America. How can I pass that up?

It sure looks nice to me.

Apparently, it can get pretty crowded, so I plan to get there nice and early.

View Interactive Map on

To prepare for it, I stopped off at a local REI store in Bloomington to pick up some GU gels and a couple energy bars. I was told that there are a couple water fountains/bathrooms along the route, which is good to know in case I need to refill a water bottle, or two. I don’t like to run with a lot of weight, so I plan to carry my usual two 8 oz. bottles and fill them up as needed.

Next to the REI store was a fantastic playground known as This was an actual warehouse store to support the Website. Wow!


I could have spent several hours in here and several hundred dollars! Good thing it closed at 8 p.m.
sticksIn honor of the former Minnesota North Stars, I thought of buying one of these beauties! But I think it might be a bit hot to run in. stars


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