Record Low Temps

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Marathon

I woke up this morning to record low temperatures… a chilly 60 degrees at 6:30 a.m.! Considering that I went to college in Vermont and spent the first part of my life in Massachusetts, this didn’t really bother me too much. It actually felt great! I did run my typical 4-miler in a long sleeve shirt though.

What a sissy I have become in my six years in Atlanta.

One mental note: I didn’t have any energy bars in the house this morning and discovered that I really need to eat something before I run. It wasn’t a big issue, but I just didn’t feel as strong as usual going up the hills in my ‘hood.

In a related thought, after watching the Tour de France for the past two weeks, I REALLY want to get myself a bike again. I had a nice Specialized road bike in HS/College and now regret selling it.


My town is a big cycling town and everyday I run/drive past cyslists and find myself becoming jealous of their rides.  Some day… some day.

  1. Raymond Reilly says:

    Jess sent me a link to your blog so I have been following. Which plan are you following? I notice your calf is bothering you-I thought about running a marathon a couple of years ago but my calf was constantly very sore. I thought it was my gait and read up on pose method (
    which I think further exacerbated my pain. I’m following a beginner plan now that is only calling for running Monday, thursday and long run Saturday. X training Sunday, tuesday, and Friday. It seems to give my legs a chance to heal.

    • mikebuteau says:

      Hey Ray,

      I saw that you were following it. Cool. I’m using this schedule for first-time and casual marathoners.
      I’m in Week 4. It’s tough! I think I might drop one of the 20-mile runs near the end to a 15-miler or something like that… depends how my body responds. I think my calf issue has more to do with my pre- and post-run stretching. I’ve been stretching more and it seems to be helping. And yes, the off days are SUPER important to allow your legs enough time to recover. I’m off tomorrow and will do 8 miles on Saturday. Then it’s 13 miles next Saturday. I’m beginning to think I’m crazy, but it’s a fun challenge, especially for somebody who has never been a “true runner.”

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