Off Day

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Marathon
Off Day

After logging 14 miles over four days this week, this morning was an off day. Turns out, whomever wrote up the running plan knew what he/she was doing because my legs really needed the rest. My knees are a bit sore and my right calf has some seriousness tightness in it.
Even so, I still feel like I wanted/needed to run today. Instead, I slept in until 6:45. WOO-HOO!
Tomorrow is my first real “long” run of my training. 8 Miles. It’s not the longest distance I have ever run, that’s for sure, but after logging 14 miles this week, the 8-miler will be more of a test to see how my legs react. I planned to do it bright and early in the morning, but will now be going out on a boat with my son and his friend on Lake Lanier.

You know you’re addicted to something when you have the chance to go out on a boat on a Saturday morning and you hesitate because it means that you have to delay your running schedule.
I now plan to run at about 7:30 at night along the Silver Comet Trail. We are going to make it a family outing, minus one. Kyle will be at a birthday party, so Emily and Alicia will be coming along for the ride, literally. They plan to ride their bikes on the trail while I run. Should be a good family day!


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