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“I’m such an idiot!”

U.S. Open:

It has been awhile since my last post, and a lot has been going on.

(PHOTO: Mason Levinson/Bloomberg News)

Kyle turned 6, Alicia potty-trained herself, Emily still lets me live at our house, and I have played lots of golf. (thus, the mention of Emily’s kindness.)

The biggest event during the last couple months was easily Phil’s “I’m such an idiot” moment at the U.S. Open at Winged Foot!

The trip to the Open was a hectic one. We all went to New York as a family, and Emily spent the week visiting friends and family with the kids while I watched Tiger miss the cut in a major for the first time as a pro, and then witnessed Phil’s 18th-hole collapse. Truly unbelievable.

First, we flew to Newark, then drove to Times Square and spent the night with the kids at the Marriott Marquis. They had a blast!

After dropping them off with Aunt Melanie in Park Slope, Brooklyn the following morning, Em and I made our way out to Long Island for Fatass’s wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Fatass spent big coin on a kick-ass band and a good time was had by all… Needless to say, some had more fun than others!

We wake up the next morning, make our way back to Brooklyn, drive around for an hour looking for a parking spot, and then finally pick up our kids. (BIG THANKS GO OUT TO AUNT MELLIE!)

Next on the list was a trip down to South Jersey for the Baptism of Kaylee and Rylee, Stefanie’s twins.

After the baptism, we all head back to Stefanie and Uncle Tim’s house for a Bar-b-Que, where we get to spend some quality family time, complete with flying leaps off the diving board and whiffle ball with the kids.

Alicia wrecklessly swings from the jungle gym as Kyle and Jeremy’s boy, Sam, take turns blasting home runs over the trees!

Kyle swings for the fences! Sam chipping! Nathan and Alicia play house!

As the party winds down, Emily and the kids stay behind while Uncle Tim drives me to the train station. I catch a ride to the Newark/Penn Station stop.

Mason picks me, my luggage, and my golf clubs up, in his new BMW station wagon… His own little version of Chevy Chase’s “Family Truckster!”

Now the real fun starts!

Mason — a Bloomberg colleague who works as a photographer, cameraman, and radio reporter — and I get up early the next morning a make our way over the Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City for the Champions Tour’s Annual Business and Golf Conference.

After taping an interview with Tom Kite on the balcony of a Jersey City hotel that looks across the river on Lower Manhattan’s Financial District… (what a view it would have been when the Twin Towers stood there!) Mason makes his way over to the golf course.

Because the course, which is being developed by former Reebok CEO Paul Fireman at the bargain basement price of $130 million, has yet to officially open, he gets his very own police escort. Unfortunately, not even the cops knew where they were going… next thing ya know, the cops drive through a back entrance and start driving through the club on its golf cart paths! Finally, they are stopped and directed where to go.

I arrive with a gaggle of other reporters. We all got a police escort. We figure the escort was necessary to keep us from getting lost in Jersey City. The police chief even gave all of us his personal cell phone number in case we got separated from the group and found ourselves in the not-so-nice sections of town!

What a course. You can see the Statue of Liberty from about 15 holes. On the 17th, the mounds on the left side of the fairway cover up the Statue’s pedestal, making it appear that Lady Liberty is walking along in the rough! I par the hole, one of the few decent holes I would play all day. But that’s hardly the point.

After the round of golf, Mason and I enjoy some post-round drinks and cigars and then make our way up to White Plains, NY. The next day, Phil’s big adventure begins…